AIP036 | SAG-AFTRA, Stand-Ins, and the Photo-Double Rate, or The Scandal of the Missing “Upfront Increase of Nearly 17%”

In this extended episode, host Ben Hauck narrates his saga of trying to learn from SAG-AFTRA the rate for stand-ins when they photo double in New York.

In the process of researching that rate, Ben reveals how he uncovered not just SAG-AFTRA’s misrepresentation of the increases photo doubles would make under the 2017 Television/Theatrical Agreement, but also SAG-AFTRA’s illogical interpretation of just how much stand-ins in New York should be paid when they photo doubled.

Ben also adds that a key person at SAG-AFTRA, responsible for interpreting the rates for stand-ins who photo double, has not replied with the interpretation.

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Ben references a number of SAG-AFTRA documents and links.

Parties to the Television/Theatrical Agreement
  • SAG-AFTRA – Website for the labor union representing background actors, stand-ins, and photo doubles under its Television/Theatrical Agreement
  • AMPTP – Website for the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the representative body for producers who are signatory to the Television/Theatrical Agreement.
SAG-AFTRA’s “2017 TV/Theatrical Contract Referendum” Microsite
  • Main Page – Includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions and another section on informational meetings about the proposed contract.
  • “Just the Facts” Page – Includes information that “speculation and misinformation” about the proposed contract exists.
Contracts and Memoranda of Agreement
Rate Sheets
SAG-AFTRA News Releases

Additional Coverage

Stand-In Central has been following this story for some time. Here are links to prior entries on Stand-In Central’s blog:


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