AIP015 | The Film “An Open Secret,” and What to Do about Child Sexual Abuse in the Entertainment Industry (Part 2) – with Evan Henzi

AnOpenSecret_KA TinyIn this two-part series on the explosive documentary film An Open Secret, former child actor Evan Henzi talks with Ben Hauck about his involvement in this important film about victims of sexual abuse and pedophiles in the entertainment industry.

In this brave interview, Evan shares in detail when he met Martin Weiss, his former manager who was convicted for child molestation, and how Weiss’s sexual abuse of Evan evolved. Evan explains how he eventually awakened to his having been sexually assaulted by Weiss and what steps he took to address it criminally.

Evan gives shocking details about the lead-up to Weiss’s arrest and the plea deal that led to Weiss’s having to register as a sex offender. He also explains the confusing relationship Evan’s cousin continues to have with Weiss. While offering advice to parents of child actors who might be victims of sexual abuse, Evan also explains how his parents’ support was critical to his addressing his own case of abuse.

Evan highlights The BizParentz Foundation as a resource to help child actors in case they are the victims of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. In light of his experience, Evan also urges victims to come forward and provides insight into the emotional benefits of coming forward now as opposed to keeping the abuse private. In concluding the interview, Evan talks about the song featured in An Open Secret that he co-wrote with the band Snow Patrol and what he has in his future.

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Evan Henzi’s Bio
Evan Henzi
Evan Henzi

Evan Henzi is a student, singer-songwriter, and actor. As a child performer, he has worked with Grammy-winning songwriter/producer Michael Jay, performed Jay’s song “Bridge of Hope” at a campaign event for 2008 Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, and has work experience in national commercials and smaller independent films. Recently, Evan was able to co-write along with composers Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid the original song “A Call to Arms” for the 2015 documentary An Open Secret, of which Evan is a subject.

An Open Secret

Upcoming screenings:

Martin Weiss

The story of “Evan H.” is chronicled in An Open Secret.

Evan’s affidavit against his former manager Martin Weiss of Martin Weiss Management and Two Weiss Guys Productions helped lead to Weiss’s arrest and eventual “no contest” plea in the face of eight felony counts of child molestation.


Oprah Winfrey Episode

Evan references an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in which two hundred adult men came out as having been sexually abused. The episode helped him to realize that he too had been a victim of molestation.

Snow Patrol

Evan co-wrote with the band Snow Patrol the song “A Call to Arms,” which is featured in An Open Secret.

New Day Interview

Seattle’s King 5 show New Day featured a live interview with Evan Henzi and Anne Henry (BizParentz).



The following foundations may be contacted for guidance and assistance in the face of child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry and are mentioned in the film and podcast episode.


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