AIP021 | How Network Marketing for Arbonne Funds My Acting Career – with Sarah Ittner

Sarah Ittner
Sarah Ittner

Actor Sarah Ittner talks with host Ben Hauck about how her work as a network marketer for Arbonne funds her acting career.

In the interview, Sarah explains Arbonne and the range of health and wellness products it offers, and what makes network marketing a great business for actors.  She details how her sales — seeming more like product recommendations — lead to commissions and additional compensation, and what those commissions and additional compensation are.  Sarah also shares the financial investments of working as a network marketer for Arbonne, not to mention its time investments.

Her acting skills well suit her Arbonne presentations and networking, Sarah explains, and should other actors sell Arbonne products in the same territory, Sarah describes why there is little conflict.  She also covers how long it may take to turn network marketing for Arbonne into a primary source of income, and just how her acting career and personal growth evolved after joining Arbonne.

Sarah offers tips for building a network of people to whom to market Arbonne’s products, and she shares why actors are well suited for this kind of work, which can be both flexible and lucrative. Listen in for Sarah’s special offer and how to learn more information about network marketing for Arbonne.

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Sarah Ittner’s Bio
Sarah Ittner
Sarah Ittner

Sarah Ittner is an actor originally from Michigan who has made New York her home these past four years. She has traveled all over the Eastern states and Montana, performing musical theater. Most recently seen in MCTCs production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Sarah is excited to share her amazing business with you.
Sarah may be contacted directly about Arbonne at


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