AIP035 | 5 Reasons Casting Directors Should Be Happy to See Workshops Go – with Anne DeAcetis

Actress and writer Anne DeAcetis is a guest contributor for this episode, reading from her essay on which lists five reasons why casting directors should happily play a part in the disappearance of casting director workshops.

Host Ben Hauck shares introductory content that motivated Anne’s piece — namely, an article from The Hollywood Reporter on the prevalence of casting director workshops notoriously referred to as “pay-to-plays,” the subsequent dismissal of a prominent casting director who has run casting director workshops, and a press release from the Casting Society of America establishing a Workshop Committee to address the standards of these workshops.

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Anne DeAcetis’s Bio
Anne DeAcetis
Anne DeAcetis

Anne DeAcetis is a character actress, singer, and writer. She was a founding member of Division 13 Productions led by artistic director Joanna Settle, which produced in Chicago and then New York. Since earning her MFA at California Institute of the Arts, Anne has developed her own solo show (VIOLETTE, VIOLETTE), broadened into indie film (most notably the short thriller Monitor, and Darla, which she co-wrote), and done a sprinkling of TV (including NOVA: Fabric of the Cosmos), and — just to keep you guessing — become the lead singer of the retro Latin and R&B band Willie and the Wolves. Up next, Anne will star in The Trojan Women, directed by Anton Ray in Eugene, Oregon. Essay

The original version of the essay Anne reads in the podcast episode appears on

References in Anne’s Essay

The following items are reference in Anne’s essay.

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