AIP026 | How Self-Sabotage Affects the Actor and What to Do about It – with Jenn Lederer

Jenn Lederer
Jenn Lederer

Life and career coach Jenn Lederer talks with host Ben Hauck about self-sabotage and how it affects actors and their career pursuits. In the interview, Jenn explains what self-sabotage is and its psychological origins, offering up overt and subtle examples of self-sabotage especially as they relate to the actor.  When it comes to finding what goals you really want to pursue,Jenn goes into the negative results of self-sabotage, but she also details some of the benefits of self-sabotage. Sharing tips for diagnosing your own attempts to sabotage yourself, Jenn goes into the possibilities for actors who overcome their self-sabotage. Finally, Jenn talks about her program FIVE Minutes to FREEDOM, which includes downloadable meditations on self-sabotage and other topics.

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Jenn Lederer’s Bio
Jenn Lederer
Jenn Lederer

Jenn Lederer is a Life + Career Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs. When she isn’t travelling the globe for cool speaking events, Jenn’s home base is New York City where she works 1:1 with clients from all over the world helping them build the Life + Career of their Dreams.  Jenn is also the writer + host of Weekly Alignment, a weekly web series that takes a satirical look at the world of entrepreneurship, self-help, and spirituality.

Jenn Lederer’s Meditation Program

Near the end of the interview, Jenn mentions her downloadable program of meditations called FIVE Minutes to FREEDOM. Look on the FIVE Minutes to FREEDOM page for a free download, and while you’re at it, purchase her meditation program.  (I did!)

Nisha Moodley

Jenn mentions Nisha Moodley as one of her mentors in talking about self-sabotage.

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