AIP013 | How to Develop a Hosting Career – with Lucy Norris

Lucy Norris
Lucy Norris

Host and spokesperson Lucy Norris talks with Ben Hauck about her growth from actor to independent host to sought-after spokesperson for brands and shopping channels. In the interview, Lucy shares about her on-the-job training in England as a producer and host, how her acting and promotional experience aided her commercial hosting work, and how she built up her hosting credits in New York City.  She explains how her own show On Deck with Lucy was born from the desire to showcase her hosting talents, and she provides details on how she set up the brand and developed the series into a television show. Lucy gives insight into how she landed appearances on QVC and HSN and what it is like doing live broadcasts versus live onstage hosting. Of particular note, Lucy reveals what kind of money hosts may earn for their work at various levels and how to find hosting opportunities. She concludes the episode with tips on finding production companies, negotiating deals to make production more affordable, and conducting interviews.

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Lucy Norris’s Bio
Lucy Norris
Lucy Norris

British by birth, New Yorker by choice, Lucy is  a versatile TV Host and Producer with broadcasting successes including news, talk, variety, and non-scripted formats. Highlighting New York City talents, trends, and tastes catapulted her to success with her independent TV show On Deck with Lucy. As a Beauty and Fashion Expert, she is also contracted as the Dr. Brandt Skincare Spokesperson on HSN and travels nationally for SalonCentric.  When she is not on camera you can find her exploring New York and everything that the city has to offer.

On Deck with Lucy

Lucy hosts her own show On Deck with Lucy, whose second season appeared on Time Warner Channel 67.

In Episode 3, she interviewed AIP’s host Ben Hauck about all things related to improvisation.

In the interview, Lucy also mentions Michael Kenneth Williams.  In her first episode, she interviews him on the red carpet:

All Things Beauty

Lucy’s (forthcoming) All Things Beauty Show highlights trends, products, and events within the beauty world.

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Dr. Brandt Skincare:




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Kristian Kruz Studios:


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Antoine Allen:

Amy Morrison:

Steven Marinaro (aka The Salon Guy):

Michael Parkinson:

Reid Hoffman Quote

The following quotation is attributed to Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and I reference it in the episode:

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.


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