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AIP024 | How to Be a Person First and an Actor Second – with Aleisha Force

by Ben Hauck / September 2, 2015 / 1 comment

Actor Aleisha Force talks with host Ben Hauck about how being a person first and an actor second helps to organize her life and finances as an actor.  In the interview, Aleisha shares how she categorizes and organizes her various “person” and “actor”

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AIP017 | How to Define Your Relationship with Money to Better Finance Your Acting Career – with Jenn Lederer

by Ben Hauck / July 15, 2015 / 0 comments

Life and career coach Jenn Lederer talks with Ben Hauck about money. In the interview, Jenn reveals what she learned about her relationship with money when working as the weekend nanny for a famous real-estate mogul (and U.S. Presidential candidate!), and also when working

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AIP003 | How I Figured out My Monthly Spending and Saved up to Move to New York City

by Ben Hauck / April 8, 2015 / 0 comments

Ben Hauck explains in detail how he figured out his monthly spending right after college in order to save up for a move to New York City to pursue an acting career. Using a saving sheet he designed and all of

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