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Read Me First …

If you have an idea to pitch for The Acting Income Podcast with Ben Hauck, I’d love to hear it!

Please be familiar with the content of the podcast and subscribe before submitting a pitch. Once you’ve read the information below, please use the Pitch Form to submit your pitch.

The podcast focuses on topics related to earning an income as an actor. In particular, the topics I focus on are:

  • actor survival jobs
  • jobs that supplement acting income
  • great stories in earning an income as an actor
  • alternative ways to use acting talents for income
  • moving to an expensive city to act
  • ways to save money as an actor
  • financial advice for actors
  • products of help to actors earning an income
  • self-help, mindset tips, and coaching for actors, especially as it relates to earning money as an actor
  • etc.

I aim to keep episodes concise and dense with information. Skype interviews are preferred, though it is possible to do Facetime interviews, phone interviews, and in-person interviews.

Specific details are very important to the audience, so if you are comfortable getting granular about what you did, how you do it, what you make, etc., you may make your pitch more enticing. (Note: You do not need to disclose financial information, but if you are willing to, please specify.)

Content for the podcast aims to be evergreen, so if you have a time-sensitive pitch, I may not be able to accept your pitch.

The podcast is less about promoting your work as an actor and more about offering ideas for ways actors can make money, whether it be performer or non-performer income. In general, talk about your acting work only where it is appropriate to your topic.

All this said, I’m interested in your pitch! I will reply if there is interest in your pitch.  If I don’t reply immediately, I may reply at some point in the future.


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