Ben Hauck

Editor, Acting Income | Host, Acting Income Podcast

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Acting Income is a passion project of mine. Here’s a little bit more about me.

First Off, Pronunciation —

It’s spelled “Hauck,” but it’s pronounced [howk]. Pinch yourself. When you say, “Ow!,” that’s the vowel sound of my last name.

I don’t make that big of a deal when people say it [hawk]. But it’s [howk]!

Actor & Improviser

Primarily, I’m actor and improviser. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Otterbein, and I won the 2013 Emerging Artist Award for my trademark “improvised sermons” at the Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre & Film Festival.

My first television speaking role was on Law & Order. Cool, huh? I find the dead body.

More recently, I’ve done a lot of work as a stand-in for actors like Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Seth Rogen, Peter Facinelli, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver.

Author, You Say?

I wrote a book, too. I’m author of the book Long-Form Improv: The Complete Guide to Creating Characters, Sustaining Scenes, and Performing Extraordinary Harolds (Allworth Press, 2012). I’ve taught long-form improvisation internationally, having led long-form improv classes and performances in New York City, Toronto, and London.

You can pick up a copy of my book in Barnes & Noble stores, on Amazon, and it’s also available in Kindle and Nook versions. It’s available around the world really.


In addition to handling Acting Income, I’m the editor of Stand-In Central, which is a website I founded in 2010 all about the job of the TV/film stand-in.

We even created a handbook on standing in — I hope you’ll check it out!

Marathon Runner??

As a runner, I’ve finished over twelve marathons including the 2011 and 2013 Boston Marathons (I was unharmed). I live next door to Central Park in Manhattan and I never tire of training there.

My work schedule has been so extreme in recent years that doing something else extreme like marathon training has been way too hard. But I aspire to get marathoning again, or at very least being a regular runner.

Volunteer Work …

I also do some webmastering on a volunteer basis. Most of that is for the Institute of General Semantics, on whose board I also sit.

General semantics has been a big part of my life since college, and it’s an honor to have played a role in its preservation.

And More I’m Sure!

I do a lot of other things, but that’s what comes to mind. I keep busy — there’s always something to do!

If you want a listing of some of my acting credits over the years, you can peruse my Internet Movie Database profile:

You can find even more about me at my website, Ben Hauck online: